We are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and plan to re-open on April 16th.

LVCollectibles Temporarily Ceasing In-Person Operations

Scott DeLorge here from LVCollectibles. Unfortunately at this time we've been ordered to cease operations for person to person contact. However, we still may be able to assist you via email and mail. Send photos of the items you wish to sell to lvcollectables@gmail.com. If we're able to properly evaluate them and come to an agreement on price, we can handle the transaction through the mail. We do apologize that it's come to this and we hope that soon we'll be able to resume regular operations.

John, Scott & Bumblebee Ask You To Bring Your Collectibles

When you are thinking about selling your collectibles and don't know where to go, come see Scott at Las Vegas coin company. 

The Eclectic Variety of Stuff We Buy

We get a lot of questions concerning the types of items we buy. The problem with answering that

is it is so expansive and endless. When you visit us, you will see the variety of stuff in our store. The purpose of displaying such variety is to show you that we will consider buying almost anything as long as we can find a value for it. If you don't know what you got, come see Scott.

Bring in Your Autographed Memorabilia

We get a lot of questions about autographed memorabilia. If you are  curious about something in your collection, or have inherited, we can help you. There is a  lot of misinformation out there. We deal in professionally certified memorabilia, but even if you have uncertified items, bring them in and we will evaluate them. We may buy them or have them certified from JSA. Or if you want to add to your collection, come in and take a look at our sports, movie, music and other memorabilia for sale.

The History Behind Your Collectibles

John and Scott show some of the items that come into the shop that are more valuable than you might think, such as vintage Coca-Cola tins, gold jewelry, Comic Books, older model iPhones and military medals. What's the history behind your prized possessions? Las Vegas Coin Company has the expertise to break down your collection.

What Good and What Ain't

John and Scott discuss some items that aren't as rare or valuable as people might think they are, such as: steel pennies, Hummel plates and bells, collector cups and plates, Beanie Babies and Unsigned Sports Memorabilia.

Buying and Selling Collectibles

Selling Your Collectibles to Las Vegas Coin Company

Scott Talks About Our Collection of Wall Clocks

John, Scott and Han Talk About Collectible Buying

We Buy Collectibles, Antiques, Coins, Art & Much More!



Small Antiques, Coca-Cola

Lladro, Hummel, Disney

Baccarat, Lalique, Waterford, Swarovski

Military Medals

Sterling Sets

Sports Memorabilia, Radios, Lighters

Graded Sports Cards & Comics

Tin/Vintage Toys, Die-Cast Cars 


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We are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and plan to re-open on April 16th.

LV Collectibles is located within Las Vegas Coin Company on Eastern Avenue a half mile south of the 215.

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